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the stay at home dad sacked series
dishonorable mention

"Why should you check it out? Three reasons: Intelligent irreverence, brevity, strong premise...a goldmine from which Williams and Jones have extracted tons of consistently funny, fresh material.

"Marie Claire Magazine
"MTV's lineup includes Stay at Home Dad, a side-splitting Web show about an acerbic househusband."
"This new web series on is a guilty pleasure of social inappropriateness."
"Entertaining stuff for anyone who has ever felt estranged and vaguely emasculated by the pressure of socializing nicely all day in a world of moms. Williams's character, on the other hand, is all Id in a very repressed world, finding ways to piss off a revolving cast of moms. In the vast sewer of shitty dad content out there, The Stay-At-Home Dad stands apart"
"I have to say I laughed out loud, but then asked myself should I be laughing? And that's comedy. It makes fun of all the things we as parents are not supposed to talk about. Actually its more of an anti-pc show seen through the eyes of a stay at home dad. The show has the comedic timing and writing and willingness to make fun of parenting a la 30 rock."

Laughed my ass off. Now I have to think analytically about what this show says about that. Oh, screw that. I'd rather just blow Starbucks out my nose."
I want to be offended, but I'm happy that we've gotten to the point where at-home dads don't have to be revered as miracle hero parents or painted as bumbling layabouts (or playground lotharios)."
Absolutely politically incorrect, all awkward, all wrong and a must watch :-)

"It really is funny, you should check it out."
the perfect length for a couple of laughs during your mid-day lull. Clocking in at only a couple minutes for each episode, these are entertaining and well-produced.
"Dead on comedic precision. I consider Brandon a champion of the speaking-our-internal-monologue cause!"
"He opens his big fat ignorant mouth and does an awesome job of offending the Asian mom at the playground. 'Ah, so.' Kathy Lee does you've-got-to-be-kidding-me eye roll quite well."
OMG, this is FUNNY! Andrea Bordeaux, is getting major attention, and since this is a bw-wm feature which normalizes bw-wm relationships, I post it here.
When I think of companies churning up solid web comedy production, CBS Sports doesn't necessarily come to mind. But the team over there partnered with a comedy troupe to make this new video series, "The Stay at Home Dad" and it's actually pretty funny.
It's funny! The dad gets Tony confused with another Hawk while they sit in a pediatrician's office, and hilarity ensues. How about hosting Saturday Night Live? Wouldn't that rock?
"Heard an interview with this guy on Fox Sports radio this weekend while fishing. Only strike against him is he's an Arkansas State alum, but his webisodes are hilarious. Think Always Sunny in Philadelphia about a guy who lost his job now home raising kids. Highest of high comedy."